Cocktail Party Effect

Cocktail Party Effect Single Front Cover

Cocktail Party Effect – Download

December 17, 2013

Sweet Sounds Records (SSR002)

Recorded and Mixed @ The Coke Ranch (Bellevue, TN) Herman Street and The Square (Nashville, TN) by K. Chandler (Additional field recordings by A. Sias and K. Chandler)

Mastered @ Independent Mastering (Nashville, TN) by Eric Conn

Callado is Keith Chandler

Thanks: Andrew Sias (Additional Recording), Cody Gaisser (Mixing Assistance), Kana Gaines, Amory Tabaee (Art Direction, Assistance), Eric Conn

The Musicians:

Vultures! Vultures! (K. Chandler/Andrew Sias/Cody Gaisser/Kana Gaines) – K. Gaines – Native American wood flute; C. Gaisser – nylon guitar; A. Sias – wurzy; K. Chandler – double bass/voicemail edits/loops and manipulations

He Dated a Lawyer in Nashville and Got Herpes (K. Chandler/Cody Gaisser) – K. Chandler – bass/sings/screams/voicemail edits; C. Gaisser – nylon guitar/electric guitar/sings/the ocean

Hey Man, She Doesn’t Want to Fuck You (K. Chandler) – Andrew Sias – DX7/iPhone; Marshall Herndon – meat slicer; Unknown – piano; K. Chandler – iPhone/voicemail edits/loops and manipulations/vocals/effects

Bogue Sound Watermelon (Andrew Sias/K. Chandler) – A. Sias – DX7; K. Chandler – guitar/bass/slide bass/voicemail edits